Club of Friends

Club of Friends


Friends of Sport Museum established on April 2006. Anyone that wish to join the Club and contribute to the Museum’s work is welcome. Aim of the agency is to support of the Museum’s actions concerning exhibitions, parallel events and informative actions.
Producing exhibitions need an extended procedure of preliminary work and co-ordination, from the scientific team that is introduced 6 to 8 months before the scheduled beginning and guides the team work in historic documentation and collection of exhibits. Aim of the Club of Friends is to uptake part of the responsibility in the course of collecting exhibits, operating as a medium for communication and information with the public.

On regular scheduled events of the Museum, Club of Friends participate in production issues, in finding sponsors, in providing information to the city and their social circle, helping in promoting more the Museum’s common route along with citizens.
The importance of Friends of Sport Museum Club emerges from the mission of the Museum itself, to become an initiative core of sport and cultural development, integrated at the same time to the needs and demands of citizens of the wider area around.

For more information concerning Friends of Sport Museum Club please contact Public Relation Department : tel: 2310968531-2 , e-mail:   

Friends of Sport Museum Member Benefits

Friends of Sport Museum Club is the main medium for communication between the Museum and the Public of Thessaloniki and Greece in general. Between its members one can find people of sports, of culture, of education, of research, but also simple citizens that reveal special sensitivity concerning the preservation of our sport heritage and they believe in the fulfillment of our common goals.
The Museum invites everyone to become a member of Friends of Sport Museum Club, as active citizens of the country, so that through our common action to promote our common missions in a new proposal for the cultural and sport life. With your registration in the Club of Friends you are charged with the sum of 5€ for annual individual subscription and 15€ for family subscription along with the following benefits:
•    Member card that certifies the identity of its holder and provides priority in every form of activity of the Museum.
•    Free entrance and tour to the exhibitions of the Museum.
•    Complete information for the activities of the Museum through e-mail and printed newsletter.
•    Participation in the activities and the events of the Museum.
•    30% off to Museum’s publications
•    20% off to products from the Museum’s Shop
•    10% off at the café of the Museum
•    20% off at cultural events of the Museum
•    30% off at educational programs – workshops of preschool and school age
•    Free entrance at the Theatrical Plays of the Museum

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