Olympic Games: Moments in history

Olympic Games: Moments in history

The exhibition “OLYMPIC GAMES” is the first permanent exhibition of Thessaloniki Olympic Museum. It was designed and produced in a dialectical and interactive way, with clear educational and communicative character that allows multiple ways of interpretation and different levels of access using a variety of mediums.
The exhibition is developed in two main unities that refer to Olympic Games of the Antiquity and Modern Olympic Games, while of great importance is the transitional unit “Sport in Modern Era” that gives the concept of the era before the revival of the Olympic Games until 1896. 

In the beginning, a reference is noted to sport in daily life, to the preparation of the athlete, to the ancient games and to the relation of religion with the games, while in the second unity emerges the way of organising the Games, the myths concerning their establishment, their ritual and the importance of goddess Nike. Following, an introduction in the era from Rebirth until the establishment of the first modern Olympic Games. Also, concepts like Exercise, Somatic Discipline, Physical Discipline are highlighted, while it is noted the conceptual background that created the need for Olympic Games, at first national and then international. Next, there are reports of each Olympiad, organized in three drifts, historic background of each organization, Greek notable performances and successes and Greek Medalists. At the same time, our knowledge is enriched concerning Olympic sports and the way they are performed. This is succeeded by promoting indicative exhibits of each sport, which have been used by world-known champions in Olympic Games.

Aiming to provide a complete reflection of the nature and the history of the Games, there has been used a variety of mediums and multimedia applications having always the visitors in mind. Augmented reality applications, like the magic board and the magic torch, initiative applications for the Greek standards, enforce the skeptic of the exhibition and even more the presence of the visitor in modern museums.

Opening Hours Mo – Fr 9:00-17:00 / Sa – Su 10:00-14:00

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