Science of Sports

Science of Sports


Interaction is a factor of great importance for the Museum today and the temporary exhibition “Science of Sports” gives the opportunity to adoptt this way of communication with the visitors of the Museum and mainly with children.

“Science of Sports” is an exhibition, which has been organized from “Science Museum” of London and consists an initiative, for the Greek standards, exhibition, entertaining, with intensive educational character and, more importantly, for everyone. The mission is every visitor and mainly students to learn and to comprehend in an interactive way the role and the importance of physics, chemistry, biology and medicine.

Through football field and track & field simulation, through machines that check reflexives and proper function of sight or flexibility, children comprehend the positive influence of sport in body and spirit of human. Aim of the Museum is to present to the visitor through machines, but also through conversation, the way of living, daily practices and special alimentation that athletes should follow in order to achieve their goal, the discrimination.

This exhibition introduces children, with the best and painless way, meaning the game, into the world of sport and emulation and to discriminate their capabilities. This is an alternative exhibition tha encourages public’s active participation.

Opening Hours Mo – Fr 9:00-17:00 / Sa – Su 10:00-14:00

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