Basketball exhibition

Basketball exhibition

The Jump Ball, which will launch the new basketball exhibition of the Olympic Museum, will take place this September.

A sport, in which Greece succeeded several times, a team sport that offered great excitement, and led thousand of children to basketball courts, will be hosted in a major exhibition.

The opening of the exhibition is scheduled to be launched during the Eurobasket, while the official Greek team will be claiming the cup.

Nearly a century has passed since the first official appearance of basketball in Greece, and more than one century by the brilliant inspiration of Dr. James Naismith, who invented this beloved sport.
One hundred years of Greek Basketball, that was meant to change the nature of amateur sport to a professional level, attracting a wide audience from all social classes, giving a way out to several children and young people. Apparently this game must be somewhere located in the DNA of our nation.
On the occasion of this exhibition, the Museum is inviting the citizens of Thessaloniki, people that are fond of this sport, veteran athletes, sport agents, basketball referees or anyone that has “forgotten” any historic relic or basketball memorabilia, to walk with us organizing this event.
According to the original museological study, the exhibition will present the history of Greek Basketball and all the “Highlights”. A century of sports history in a great exhibition of the Olympic Museum. An exhibition, open to the citizens, promoting the athletic heritage.
The Basketball Exhibition will be hosted on the second floor of the Museum, for one and a half year.
During the exhibition was only deemed appropriate to place several tributes for clubs and athletes that helped in the recognition of this specific sport in the minds of people. Presentations within the main exhibition will be held every three months, covering the entire Greek Basketball history.
The temporary exhibition of Greek Basketball Highlights is designed to be a major exhibition of several contributors. There might be unlimited substitutions in basketball but it still remain a team sport after all, and we might all agree that it is located in our genetic roots.
Greek Basketball Highlights

Basketball is highly related with Greek sport history and especially with the city of Thessaloniki. For over three decades, it has been offering emotions and idols for young people, it created the conditions for many athletic successes. The exhibition aims to gather objects, memorabilia, personal collections in one official presentation of this favorite sport.

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