Torches & Medals

Torches & Medals

The exhibition is about Olympic Medals and Torches of Olympic organizations. It is an individual permanent exhibition of Thessaloniki Olympic Museum. The mission is to project to public two of the most important testimonies of Summer Olympic Games, giving general information concerning their evolution and also supplementary items that accompany them in every organization.

Aim of the exhibition is Thessaloniki’s public and mainly little children to contact with tha most significant items and historical testimonies of the Olympic Games, this international state that expanded all over world, the medals and the torches. Give the public the opportunity to learn their evolution and important scenes of Olympic history, while they contact with new technologies and modern multimedia applications.

Aim of the exhibition is through the history of Olympic Games to promote the evolution of this estate not only in sport but also in educational, economical, social, political,cultural and artistic level, Furthermore, the Museum’s intention is the visitor to know the state of the torchlight, how it began and what is the ritual that is performed every time.

Το αμφιθέατρο του Ολυμπιακού μουσείου

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