Policy on Collections


Policy on Collections

The policy on collections of the museum is divided into two periods, from 1998 up until the end of 2007 and from January 2008 and onwards, when the museum was renamed Olympic.
During the initial years which followed the establishment of the museum its collection consisted mainly of objects that comprised the on display items of each exhibition organized by the museum, as well as from donations of personal artifacts from Greek athletes which have excelled in their sports, from sporting associations, from distinguished journalists who participated in important athletic events, as well as other collectible objects from the world of sports. The collection of the museum consists of objects and memorabilia from various World, European, Balkan and Mediterranean Games and Championships, and from the Olympic Games.

From January 2008 and onwards, when I.O.C acknowledged the Museum as Olympic the objectives were partially differentiated and are now focused on the collections of  objects which are related to the Olympic Games, such as suits, equipment, Olympic medals, memorabilia and publications from the Olympic organizations.

Our initial aim is to enrich the collection of Summer mainly Olympic Games, but also the collection of objects from Winter Games.

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