Dispensing of Objects

Dispensing of Objects

The MUSEUM cannot deliver any object unless it is accompanied by its protocol of record, filled in all mandatory fields.

The MUSEUM is not obliged in any case to deliver an object to a third person.

The MUSEUM trusts the evidential information that is conceded by the OWNER, but it is not obliged to arrogate the OWNER’s opinion concerning the objects and has the right to research.

Since the objects are delivered in the MUSEUM, they are part of the MUSEUM’s temporary collection and their use is according to the regulation of the MUSEUM’s policy on collections. Since they are added to the temporary collection of the MUSEUM, it acquires all rights of use of the objects.

After the return of the objects to their OWNER, the MUSEUM maintains electronic records of the objects and reserves all rights of its use. The OWNER has the right to withdraw on paper the right of use of the electronic records. The OWNER has the right to receive a copy of the electronic record after written request to the MUSEUM and after a considerable time period.

The objects that have been lent can be used in exhibitions, publications, internet, as researching and visual material in educational programs and in the acts of promotion of the above actions.

The MUSEUM is obliged to announce the criteria of selection of the Scientific Board.

The MUSEUM reserves the right of not evaluating an object in case of them:
i.    Not conforming with the ideals of fair play and noble emulation
ii.   Demonstrating aspects (political, religious, racial, etc) that are not accordant with the     communicative policy of the institution.
iii.  Being advertising material or direct promotional material of companies, products, etc
iv.  Not being accordant with the choosing criteria of the Scientific Board
v.   Not being relevant to the thematic unities of the exhibition

In case of using the object the MUSEUM maintains the right to report the OWNER with the exception where the mean does not support it.

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